Master of Science in Engineering of Architecture

2010-2015 // Aalborg University


'M.Sc. Eng Architecture' focuses on integrated design, by mixing the disciplines of an Architect with the knowledge of Engineering. The education-form is based on group-work and problem-based-learning. The combination of an Architect/Engineer creates an excellent foundation for great architecture, by allowing the practical elements to be integrated into the design.


• Aesthetics


• PBL - problem-based-learning


• Designing and drawing


• Concept development


• Cross-disciplinary teamwork and working in groups


• Working from landscape to detailing


• Acoustics


• Statics and construction


• Ventilation and light



Architect [Exchange]

2014 // Stanford University


Participant at PBL-labs 'Global Teamwork 2014' as an architect for 'Team Atlantic'. The rest of the team consisted of 2 structural engineers, 2 MEP-engineers, a construction manager and a Life-cycle-analyst.

The idea of the class was cross-disciplinary work, online, across boarders and time-zones.


• Engaging in developing a design with directly with other disciplines


• Deep understanding and collaboration with other disciplines


• Responsibilities as 'solo' architect for a 35.000 sqf building


• Revit used as primary design tool


Link to Winter Presentation and Spring Presentation



Architect [Exchange]

2012 // Unitec Auckland


Exchange student at Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand. Unitec is a technical university which also educates architects. The classes attended was 'Design Studio 2b', 'Critical Studies', 'Architectural Technology 3' and 'Design Process'.


• New cultures and ways of working


• Winner of LuxCity 2012 as part of 'Design Studio 2b'


• Urban planning


• Design- and client-management



Gymnasium [STX]

2005-2008 // Randers Statsskole


Mathematics A, Chemistry A, History A, Danish A, English B, German B, Physics B, Sports B, Biology C, Music C, Ancient Greek Art C, Religion C, Social Studies C.



Randers Realskole

1995-2005 // Randers [Private school]


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