Receiver of "BUILD - Recognition Award for Creative Design - Denmark" 2016


Lecturer Assistant in architecture at Aalborg University


Part of AaCT


Started Feldager Studios January 2016


External mentor at Stanford University in Architecture 2016


Exchange student at Stanford University 2014


Intern at Overbyen Arkitekter 2013


Exchange student at Unitec [New Zealand] 2012


Winner of Luxcity 2012


Winner of model-making-competition at A&D 2011




Who am I?

I have a reputation of being hard-working, thinking out of the box and always deliver 100%.


In the summer of 2015 I finished my degree as Master of Science in Engineering of Architecture, with a top grade for my thesis regarding Learning Spaces with the New Aarhus School of Architecture as a case.




I am Jakob Feldager Jørgensen, I was born the 22nd of December 1988. I grew up in the Danish town Randers, where I started at Randers Realskole when I was 6 years old, continued my education at Randers Statsskole and begun at Aalborg University in 2010 at Architecture and Design. At the beginning of 3rd semester I choose to study architecture. Between gymnasium and university, I spend more than two years experiencing and seeing the world, as I still do, when I get a decent chance like with my 5th semester abroad to New Zealand in Auckland at UNITEC, 2012. In the summer of 2013 I graduated as a Bachelor of Architecture at Aalborg University with a top grade.


I like to do my best when I have a problem to solve often by thinking outside the box or challenge the usual and find the optimal solution every time, due to the conditions. I handle critique very well and I am open to different proposals, hereby not said that I am a "walk-over", but I try to see the situation from every angle in order to find the best solution. When working in a group I often get the role as the leader of the group, but I can also easily take other roles.


I have a reputation for being very  creative, focused, hardworking and perform excellently.



Aalborg University


'M.Sc. Eng Architecture' focuses on integrated design, by mixing the disciplines of an Architect with the knowledge of Engineering. The education-form is based on group-work and problem-based-learning. The combination of an Architect/Engineer creates an excellent foundation for great architecture, by allowing the practical elements to be integrated into the architecture from the start.


Stanford University

Exchange // 8th semester

Participant at the 2014' AEC Global teamwork at the PBL-Lab at Stanford University, California. Through the semester I was functioning as the Architect for Team Atlantic. The rest of the team consisted of two structural engineers, Yue Hua and Jenny Jingxuan Zhang, two mechanical engineers, Wang Jinzhi and Eric Chang, a construction manager, Lucas Melquist, and a Life-Cycle-Analyst, Dominik Dietz. The whole course was supervised by Renate Fruchter



Exchange // 5th semester



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